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2014-08-06 15:57:48 by Inumisha

Recently I was put into an abusive situation, which left me with an apartment I can barely afford... the boyfriend was the only one who was able to bring food into the house and I desperately need help getting food.... He was arrested the day we were supposed to pick up groceries so there is absolutely no food in my house.... I don't have friends in the area and unfortunately I have one of the cheapest apartments in my area as well...
I need to raise money quickly so I can buy groceries. I will be sharing this post on my art account as well please reblog or help me get by donating even a couple pennies or a dollar!
Also, expect to see the Final Sailor Moon Teirs here when I have commissions done. 

Please if you feel you want to help out or commission me message me or donate ;o; thanks guys!
Donate here:


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2014-08-22 01:45:52

How've you been lately?

Inumisha responds:

SLOWLY getting much better


2014-08-25 07:35:16

Yeah, you're just saying that to make me feel better lol, there's still no wiggle room for a good meal without feeling all shitty about it :\ Or using paper towels. Or leaving the lights on.