30 Page Pack

2014-05-25 12:26:21 by Inumisha

Ok guys, this is the first pack I have put together to help earn some money while I finish up the last of my commissions. This is pay what you want so you can pay a penny, or even a dollar. Hell, I think there's a way to get one free xD

I must also inform you that there are some pin-up esque images and sketches in the pack though...

The pack contains 10 sketch pages, 10 transparent coloring pages and 10 colored pages in which you can use for your viewing pleasure or for wallpapers. In order to buy, go here! http://www.e-junkie.com/yuujikonproductions/product/497588.php


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2014-05-25 17:44:49

These are jpgs and gifs, or real stuff you mail out? Guess you get a link to download a zipped file after paying? Would you say most of the content is largely made of of your most recent work?

Inumisha responds:

Its transparent .png files for the coloring pages, the wallpapers are a compilation of some comepleted works, some old, but most are newer. The sketches are all psd so that they can be moved around and worked with.

the link takes you strait to a check out where you can automatically download a .rar file. Its basically a compressed zip but I made sure everything works well before I made this post.