Commissions 2 Slots at a time

2013-03-27 00:01:55 by Inumisha

I am opening comissions (i will set up paypal commissions soon) so that i have something to do and draw. The first ten or so i suppose are free, and if ayone has any other ideas to make this post more appealing i am willing to listen to critique lol

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2013-04-19 00:56:22

:o I meant to find a reference picture for you, not long after you made this post, and forgot all about it!
NG is pretty much the only site I come to anymore, but the work you put on your Facebook page is amazing! Some interesting ideas for subject matter..
If you want a more appealing post, add a picture :3

Inumisha responds:

Oh awesome lol


2013-04-19 10:59:00

I'm sorry, I know you were looking for a rather specific, real-world commission challenge. If you include a reference shot (or a link) with your work, I can certainly give you an objective review :3

Inumisha responds:

Lol that's alright